3.25" Raptor Kill Claw / Kem Kem Basin

3.25" Raptor Kill Claw / Kem Kem Basin

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This large, museum grade raptor claw is exceptional. As shown in the photos, there has been absolutely no repair or restoration. Both the blood line and tip are very distinct and well preserved. An excellent addition for the discriminating collector at a price much less than one will find elsewhere for its size and quality..

Measurements: ~3.25" Long x 1-1/8" wide x 3/8" Thick
Species: Raptor / Exact species: Unidentified
Kem Kem Basin, Morocco, North Africa
Time Period: Cretaceous ~ 65 Million Years Old

More Information:

The Kem Kem Beds is a geological formation located between Morocco and Algeria in southeastern Morocco, that dates to the Late Cretaceous era. An abundance of Dinosaur fossils are found in this area.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kem_Kem_Beds . The climates of this area, over millions of years were widely diverse, allowing a variety of fauna to flourish, which supported many different animals to successfully evolve.