Saber tooth cat / "Dinictis"

Saber tooth cat / "Dinictis"

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Saber tooth cat / Dinictis

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Dinictis,  stood around 2 feet in height and was around 3 feet in length. It had a long sleek body, short legs and had incompletely retractable claws. It had powerful jaws, and a long tail. It was very similar to its close relative, Hopophoneus.  Compared with those of the more recent machairodonts, its upper canines were relatively small but deadly nevertheless, as they distinctly protruded from its mouth. Dinictis walked flat-footed, unlike modern cats. It looked like and lived its life similarly to that of a leopard. In its environment Dinintis would have been a powerful predator.

This museum grade Dinictis skull specimen has returned to us from a previous collector who treasured this superb specimen. Unfortunately, they needed to downsize their belongings.

As we originally sold this Dinictis skull to them years ago, we are very familiar with its history and feel comfortable in boasting the excellent condition and minimal amount of repair, which was performed, on this top grade specimen. The teeth (including the fangs) are original, intact and in amazing condition. The overall patina of the piece is just right. Ranging from cream to caramel colors, this skull "pops" off of its blackened wood stand nicely, rather than the stand becoming a distraction.

Compared with other Dinictis specimens on the market, this piece truly stands out, due to its remarkable condition. On occasion we'll place a specimen in our museum. We were very tempted to do so with this magnificent piece, but we decided rather to offer it for purchase.

Length: ~ 6"

Width: ~ 4-1/2"

Height: ~ 5"

Fang teeth ~ 1-3/4" long

Locality: South Dakota, USA           Oligocene period: 35 - 23 mya