Sand Selenite from Mexico

Sand Selenite from Mexico

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These pieces of Sand Selenite were found in Mexico. No two specimens are alike. At the time of your purchase, we will select the best specimen available.

Size: ~4" long x 2-1/2" wide x 2" deep
Location: Mexico

More Information:

Sand Selenite specimens are crystal-like formations that sometimes produce a flower shape with multiple plates adjoining at angles and geometric crystalline shapes,. This is why Sand Selenite also goes by the name of "Sand Desert Flower". Sand Selenite formations take on the color of the sand as it is a fibrous mineral and fine sand becomes trapped between the fibers as it crystallizes. Most specimens have the sand forming both inside and outside of the selenite. With some pieces, the formation almost looks like shaped sand structures. But, it is completely natural. Sand Selenite formations are only found in deserts and are mostly from the Sahara Middle East Region, Southwest USA and Mexico.