Wulfenite Thumbnails

Wulfenite Thumbnails

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These excellent Wulfenite thumbnail specimens will all vary in size, shape, etc.
We hand selected the best ones for placing here on our online store. When you order, we will select a fine specimen on your behalf.
Each specimen comes mounted in a small display case.

Measurements: ~ 1" across in width Location: Jianshan Mine, Xinjiang, China

More Information:

Wulfenite is described as a "lead molybdate mineral, that is formed by thin tabular crystals. The coloration can range from bright orange/red to yellow orange, to brown. Wulfenite is found in many different locations and it is often associated lead ore. This mineral was originally described in 1845 and was named after an Austrian mineralogist, Xavier Von Wulfen. For more about Wulfenite, please click here.