Acanthodian - Siacanths / "Spiny Shark" (Rare)

Acanthodian - Siacanths / "Spiny Shark" (Rare)

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Rarely do these type of mortality specimens come on the market. We've been in possession of this item for many years, however we've just recently decided to offer it for purchase here at Dave's online. Although not as distinct as some much younger fish fossil specimens (ie- green river formation fish), the rarity of this piece is beyond comparison.
Dimensions: ~ 21" x 14-1/2"" (total slab)
Specimen's Dimensions: 12-1/2" long
Location: China Age: Early Silurian / ~ 420 myo

More Information:

Swimming in Earth's waterways long before sharks actually developed was a now extinct fish in the class of "Acanthodii". With their skeletal structures composed of both bone and cartilage, twined fins, similar tail of a shark, and sleek, stream-lined body structure, they were given the common name, "Spiny Shark".

It's hypothesized, Acanthodian may have evolved from the class of Chondrichthyes,  which are still in existence today. An early Silurian member of this species was called Sinacanth which were indigenous to what is now Asia.