• 5" Fossil Trilobite (Drotops armatus)

    5" Fossil Trilobite (Drotops armatus)


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    This nicely sized Drotops Trilobite displays excellent detail. With its distinct spines and undulated position, the specimen has a surreal feel to it, almost life-like. Most importantly, the eyes of the Trilobite also are well preserved in that the lenses also display excellent detail. A very nice piece for anyones collection.

  • Bismuth Crystals

    Bismuth Crystals


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    These bizarre crystals started as pure minute Bismuth particles.

  • Amethyst Display Piece

    Amethyst Display Piece


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    This nicely sized Uruguayan Amethyst specimen features a flowing bed of well developed, deep purple crystals. An interesting Calcite "bulb" formation gives this piece a unique touch.

  • Loose Herkimer Diamonds / BB Grade

    Loose Herkimer Diamonds / BB Grade


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    We were able to obtain a handful of BB grade, loose Herkimer diamonds which we're happy to offer for a more reasonable price than some of the lessor quality material we've seen on the market.


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