• Brazillian Agate Slices

    Brazillian Agate Slices


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    These 4 inch natural Agate will vary in color and shape. We will select the best available piece at the time of your order.

  • Arkansas Quartz Clusters ($39.50 apiece)

    Arkansas Quartz Clusters ($39.50 apiece)


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    These are samples of the high quality quartz material we have to offer. Each of these Arkansas quartz clusters has its own unique terminations. We hope you'll intrust us to choose an excellent specimen for you.

  • 2.75" Collector's Twin Aquamarine Crystal

    2.75" Collector's Twin Aquamarine Crystal


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    Exceptional, in both size and clarity, this gemstone quality mineral specimen displays a top termination as clean and smooth as ice.

  • 6" Fluorite Cluster

    6" Fluorite Cluster


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    This beautiful fluorite specimen has an array of colors that make this cluster very vibrant. The color patterning is a mix of blues, purples, and a hint of green.

  • Thuya Wood Keepsake Boxes

    Thuya Wood Keepsake Boxes


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    Okay, so we know these aren't made from rocks! But, these beautifully hand crafted keepsake boxes are made from the root ball of the Thuya tree. That comes from the Earth. So, we're keeping true to our name, Dave's "Down To Earth" Rock Shop.

  • Wulfenite Thumbnails

    Wulfenite Thumbnails


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    These excellent Wulfenite thumbnail specimens will all vary in size, shape, etc. We hand selected the best ones for placing here on our online store. When you order, we will select a fine specimen on your behalf. Each specimen comes mounted in a small display case.

  • Green Amber "Chiapas Mexico"

    Green Amber "Chiapas Mexico"


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    This Green Amber specimen has been nicely polished on its face and completely around its edge. The back side has been left natural. That gives the specimen an amazing aesthetic pattern when viewed from its front. The slight green hue is very subtle and makes this Chiapas specimen even more unique.

  • Fossil Cave Bear Skull "Ursus spelaeus"

    Fossil Cave Bear Skull "Ursus spelaeus"


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    Impressive in both size and detail is this excellent Cave Bear skull specimen. Unlike less pristine skulls on the market, this piece is nicely intact and not overly "Frankensteined" together. An excellent showpiece specimen that will appreciate as you proudly enjoy.

  • Phases of the Moon pendant with 18" Chain

    Phases of the Moon pendant with 18" Chain


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    This simple yet elegant accent piece exudes subtle iridescence. The setting is fine sterling silver and the 18" box chain is included. Pendent diameter measure 1/2" across in diameter. Pendent length measures ~ 1"

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