Segnosaurus Dinosaur Egg Nest

Segnosaurus Dinosaur Egg Nest

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This Segnosaurus egg nest has been kept pure in regard to the fact that it was simply excavated and then left undisturbed with basically no cleaning nor prep work. The eggshells show just the right amount of patterning and cracking and to any collector there should be no doubt that this is "the genuine article". This Segnosaurus egg nest could either be left as is or air-abraded for a more manicured look. (If you like, we have contacts info for people who specialize in manicuring this type of material) Either way, this museum quality specimen is magnificent.
Measurement:Entire nest ~ 11" across / Each egg ~ 3" across
Location: Xixia Basin, Henan Province, China
Time period: Late Cretaceous / 100 - 65.6 m.y.a.

More Information:

Segnosaurus, meaning (slow lizard) was a fairly large therizinosaurid dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period. It was a herbivorous therapod that measured between 15' - 20' in length and could weigh up to a ton! Segnosaurus had an elongated head, an elevated torso, stocky legs, and quite a short tail for its body mass. It had unusual clawed hands which may have been used for digging into termite and egg nests for food.

Segnosaurus eggs are highly collectable as they were an unusual looking dinosaur and for some reason Segnosaurus eggs have a higher possibility of containing fossilized dinosaur embryo material than other dinosaur species.

Caution must be observed when purchasing fossil material from China. There are a great amount of fakes in today’s market due to the Chinese government's recent ban on allowing material to be sold out of their country. A collector should only deal with a reputable source they trust This nest was not obtained directly from China, but from a private collection, which existed in the United States more than a decade ago.