Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Egg Nest

Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Egg Nest

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As this nest was discovered in China it has been recategorized from the Mongolian Segnosaurus to simply Therizinosaurus. The exact species is unknown, however there is the the possibility it could be Therizinosaurus cheloniformis . That would make this specimen exceptionally rare as the amount of material discovered from that species has been minimal. The nest has been kept pure in regard to the fact that it was simply excavated and then left undisturbed with basically no cleaning nor prep work. The eggshells on the nicely inflated eggs show just the right amount of patterning and cracking. To any collector there should be no doubt that this is "the genuine article". This dinosaur egg nest could either be left as is or air-abraded for a more manicured look. (If you like, we have contacts info for people who specialize in manicuring this type of material) Either way, this museum quality specimen is magnificent.
Measurement:Entire nest ~ 11" across / Each egg ~ 3" across
Location: Xixia Basin, Henan Province, China
Time period: Late Cretaceous / 100 - 65.6 m.y.a.

More Information:

Therizinosaurus is without a doubt, the strangest looking dinosaur to be discovered.

An enormous, 3 foot long claw of Therizinosaurus, (meaning "scythe lizard'" in Greek), was first discovered in 1948 in Mongolia. Its discoverer, (Evgeny Aleksandrovich Maleev), first thought he had found a gigantic prehistoric turtle of some type, so he named his new discovery Therizinosaurus cheloniformis, with "'cheloniformis" meaning "turtle-like". It wasn't until a decade later that another claw along with other dinosaur material was discovered that it was realized the claws and other fossilized skeletal remains were of a new species of dinosaur that was more unusual than any other on record.

With characteristics of several different dinosaur species, in the world of dinosauria Therizinosaurus appears as some type of Frankenstein-ish type creation.

In the 1970's more Therizinosaurus were discovered in Mongolia, China and North America. Even with their differences, the specimens were still so similar paleontologists concluded Therizinosaurus was indeed a new dinosaur species

At first it was thought Therizinosaurus were carnivores, due to the long slashing claws. However, it's now thought the creature actually was a herbivore, using its claws in self defense and helping it grasp tree branches in order to easily dine on leaves and other vegetation. It is also theorized Its claws may have been used to rip open termite nests as well. However, given the beast's size (Up to 30 feet long and weighing 1000 pounds) it's highly unlikely it could have survived simply on small insects.

Therizinosaurus eggs have been found to contain more fossilized dinosaur embryo content than any other species. *In 2011, China made it illegal to privately sell artifacts and other material, (fossils) outside its borders, unless the material pre-dates the ban. This nest was obtained from a private museum's collection, which has existed in the United States more than a decade .