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Celestite Geode
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This Celestite shows exceptional color and large "clean" crystals. There is a partial opening in the back of the geode which allows the light to shine in on these gorgeous celestite crystals. A favorite among many rock and mineral collectors! 

Measurements: ~8-1/2" Wide x 4-1/2" Deep x 6" Tall 

Location: Madagascar, Africa

Bismuth Crystals
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These bizarre crystals started as pure minute Bismuth particles.
Dinictis Saber Tooth Cat Skull
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This Dinictis skull still has its fangs in tact with some enamel chipping and clean teeth tips. There appears to be some restoration on the skull which of course is not uncommon. There are still remains of the matrix, particularly seen in the mouth/jaw. The color is a light beige, common for this location in South Dakota. While this may not be the highest grade museum quality specimen we have offered, this is still an awesome specimen and well-known predator skull to acquire. 

Measurements: ~7" long x 3-3/4" wide x 4" tall 

Canine Measurements: ~1-1/2" and 1-3/4"

Location: White River Badlands, South Dakota

Time Period: Miocene ~25 MYO

Agate with Druzy Bookends
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Brazilian agate bookends with a "crackle" effect caused by internal fractures in the quartz, and a druzy center (small crystals). The colors are white, tan, and light yellow. These are all natural and never dyed or color enhanced. The back and edges are left in their natural rough state. 

Measurements: ~6-1/4" wide x 4-1/2" tall x 1-3/4" deep 
Location: Brazil

4mm Ruby Stud Earrings
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High quality and hand-picked Ruby gemstones set in sterling silver prong settings. These stones have great clarity and rich color. 

Measurements: ~4mm round faceted stones
Location: India
2-3" Whole Ammonite (Best Available)
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These Ammonite specimens have been nicely cleaned, detailed and polished in order to reveal beautiful suture patterns. Each ammonite is unique, so there are some natural variations between each piece (color, size, pattern). We will choose the best specimen available at the time of your purchase. 

Location: Madagascar 
Time Period: Cretaceous 
Measurements: ~2 to 3" long each

9" Illinois Fluorite
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This is a large cluster of purple Illinois fluorite that would be a nice centerpiece to any collection! 

Measurements: ~9" long x 6-1/2" wide x 3-3/4" tall 

Location: Cave in Rock, Hardin County, Illinois

Zuni Corn Maidens (13) Fetish
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A combination of 13 corn maidens carved in white marble (Travertine) with delicate turquoise and coral accents. 

Measures: ~5-1/4" tall x - ~ 2-1/2" wide
Terrence Martza, Zuni

3 Drop Pearl Pendant with Chain
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3 drop cultured freshwater Pearl pendant with 3 different color Pearls. Each Pearl is individually wrapped to a sterling silver chain. Each pendant is going to vary slightly in size and color. We will choose the nicest one available at the time of purchase. An 18" sterling silver chain is included with each pendant.

Location: South Pacific

Measurement: Pearls range from ~ 7mm to ~12mm long

Overall length of Pendant: 2" long including bail

Natural Elestial Citrine - Zambia
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A rare elestial formation of natural citrine. Fully natural, the crystals have not been polished or cut at all. The crystals have exceptional clarity and color. Because this cluster hasn't been altered- a few of the terminations do have minor chips and imperfections, but in our opinion- it all adds to the beauty of the specimen. The base (matrix) has been cut flat for easy display. 

Measurements: ~7" long x 5-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" tall 

Location: Zambia

Microcrystalline Amethyst Specimen
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Maybe one of our most favorite Amethyst specimens in recent years is this unusual, undulating, microcrystalline specimen. Its shape, substantial size, unusual coloration and crystal growth is unlike any other Amethyst specimens we've come across. We wish we had picked up more of this material!  

Measurements: ~ 16" x 9" x 4"

Location: Brazil

Eurypterus remipes (Sea Scorpion) - New York w/ stand
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This particular specimen displays excellent detail throughout, with both paddles splayed out and overlapping over the prosoma, and one of the walking legs preserved along the right side. Its segmented body also retains excellent preservation. Sold with metal stand. 

Measurements: Plate: ~9" long x 6-1/2" wide x 1-1/4" thick /  Actual Fossil: ~6-3/4" long

Location: Fiddler Green Form., Herkimer County, New York

Time Period: Upper Silurian Period ~420 Million Years Old

Chakra Stretch Bracelet
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These authentic gem bracelets are strung on Stretch Magic and comfortably fit up to a 7" wrist. The stones are as follows: Red-Garnet; Orange-Carnelian; Yellow-Citrine; Green-Peridot; Blue-Iolite; Purple-Amethyst; Clear-Quartz. The size, shape, and color will all very slightly from piece to piece, but we'll always pick the best available for your order.

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