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  • 7mm Blue Topaz with Mother of Pearl Posts

    7mm Blue Topaz with Mother of Pearl Posts


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    These blue topaz posts have great contrast with the two different stones, but they really highlight eachother with the various colors they give off. They are bezeled in sterling silver.

  • 1-7/8" Premium Tyrannosaurus-rex Tooth

    1-7/8" Premium Tyrannosaurus-rex Tooth


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    This Tyrannosaurus-rex tooth displays excellent enamel, pristine serrations, beautiful dark chocolate coloration and an un-repaired tip, (with a wear facet). The tooth is both thick and wide, and the serrations are as perfect as some of the premium Megalodon shark teeth we've offered. A gem

  • 4.63" Amphibole Quartz/Angel Phantom Quartz

    4.63" Amphibole Quartz/Angel Phantom Quartz


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    This Amphibole/Angel Phantom Quartz specimen is a nice size and features many rich, warm inclusions.

  • Labradorite



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    This patterned dark blue specimen displays a stunning web of color. The deep blue hues are complimented by orange, green and gold flashes at the center and along its edges.

  • 85 gm Sericho Stoney Nugget with lots of Olivine

    85 gm Sericho Stoney Nugget with lots of Olivine


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    This unique Stoney Nugget Sericho looks attractive at every angle. With an abundance of Olivine embedded inside its twisted metal, this nugget is an awesome display piece for any collector.

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