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Trilobite / Phacops
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Trilobite / Phacops-Devonian
Cactus Quartz - Spirit Quartz
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These are smaller samples of Cactus Quartz with no primary crystal. They range in color from light purple to yellowish purple. At the time of purchase, we will choose the best one available. The picture shows a sample of the mineral in stock.

Measurements: ~ 1 to 1-1/2" tall each

Location: South Africa

2" Shungite Pyramid
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Each side of this Shungite pyramid measures ~ 2". We will choose the best one available at the time of purchase.

Location: Karelia, Lake Onega, Russia

3 Drop Emerald Earrings
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Not often do you see smooth Emerald Drop earrings. The Emerald teardrop stones are not translucent, but the lights shimmer through each stone. Each stone is wire wrapped to a single sterling silver chain attached to a sterling silver earwire. Each stone measures ~7mm x 4 mm. Overall length of the earrings (including from the top of the earwire) is 1-1/2"
60" Pearl Necklace
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A freshwater Pearl necklace with overall length of 60". The necklace is continuous with no clasp and there is a knot between each pearl. Pearls vary in color from white to shades of peach. Great fun necklace to wear which can be worn as one long necklace or doubled or tripled up for a tighter fit.

Location: South Pacific

Brazilian Agate Coaster Set
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These beautiful natural color Brazilian Agate coasters will make a great accent to any home decor. Each coaster measures approx. 3-3/4" (incl. the wood frame) and each cosater has protective felt glued to the bottom of the coaster to prevent scratching your furniture. Each coaster is unique as the banding varies from coaster to coaster. A wooden holder nicely stores the 6 coasters when they are not being used. Each set of coasters will vary slightly.

Measurements: Overall dimension for the wooden holder: 4-3/4" in diameter x 2-3/4" tall

Location: Brazil

Zuni Corn Maidens (13) Fetish
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A combination of 13 corn maidens carved in white marble (Travertine) with delicate turquoise and coral accents. 

Measures: ~5-1/4" tall x - ~ 2-1/2" wide
Terrence Martza, Zuni

Pyritized Ammonite (Russia)
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A high quality example of pyritized ammonite from Russia. There are many small chambers that are filled with marcasite/pyrite crystals.

Measurements: ~2-1/2" long 

Location: Volga River, Russia 

Time Period: Jurassic Period ~160 M.Y.O.

Petrified Wood (Arizona) Bookends
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Colorful petrified wood bookends showing a variety of colors including reds, yellws, and blue-gray. The pattern is just as striking as the color! Both sides are high polished and the outer edge is left rough. The inside and bottom are felted. 

Species: Conifer
Measurements: ~7-3/4" High x 13-3/4" Wide x 2" Deep 
Location: Arizona, U.S.A.

Rhodonite Sphere, Argentina
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Gemmy pink Rhodonite sphere with black inclusions that add a nice contrast. 

Measurements: ~2" diameter

Location: Argentina

Large Gibeon Meteorite
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Location: Namibia

Measurements: ~4-1/4" tall x 3-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" deep


Multiple Trilobite Mortality Specimen
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We assumed this well prepared mortality piece was a composite, with at least one specimen added. However, we were told that's not the case and thateah trilobite has been prepared in the matrix, in the positions as we see them. We still have a small doubt. But, we've no doubt that the trilobites are of exceptional quality and meticulously prepared. There was a matrix fracture that has been stabilized and to us is not a big deal, as the piece itself if fantastic. The piece was prepared by the individual who made its discovery. Specimens like these once were prepared exclusively in the United States or Europe. However, now that Morocco has a much more stabilized energy grid, they do excellent preparation in their own country.

With matrix:
~6" x 5" x 3"-1/2" x 7"

Crotaloce Phalian: ~2-3/4" long                                                            Dictanurus Monstrosus: ~ 2-1/4" long                                                    Redrops: ~ 1" long                                                                                    Redrops: ~ 1-1/4" long

Location: Zquid, Morocco

Time Period: Middle Ordovician / ~395 M.Y.O.

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