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Orthoceras Bookends
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Orthoceras Bookends

Measurements: 8" wide (combined) x 6-1/2" tall x 2" thick

Location: Morocco, Africa

Time Period: Ordovician to Triassic / ~350 myo

5 drop Mexican Fire Opal Earrings
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These faceted teardrop beads are individually wire wrapped to a single sterling silver chain attached to a sterling silver earwire. 

Measurements: Each stone is approx. 7mm x 8mm. Overall length of the earrings (including from the top of the earwire) is ~ 1-7/8"
Location: Mexico
Large Display Citrine Cluster
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Huge Citrine crystals pop out of this stand-up partial geode. The crystals have grown up to a whopping 1-1/2 inches in width and have gorgeous coloration, getting a darker orange tone toward each crystal termination. The highly polished and smooth curved edges show beautiful internal fractures of quartz. The back has been left in its natural rough state. The specimen has been cut with a flat base for easy display. 

Measurements: ~ 10" wide x 6" deep x 12" tall 

Location: Brazil, South America

Fossil Sea Urchins
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These fossilized Sea Urchins are from Madagascar. No two will be the same, so each will vary in size and form. You can be certain, we will always choose the finest specimen we have for you. Time period: Jurassic Period: 160 mya Measure: ~ 2" across
Shattuckite Handmade Gem Box
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Every box in this category is unique and and handmade in St. Petersburg Russia by the most well known artist in his field. The top of this hinged box is covered with a thin slice of Shattuckite displaying a "splattered" array of dark blue azurite, and teal chrysocolla. It looks like a birds-eye-view of an ocean!

Measurements: ~4" long x 2-3/4" wide x 1-1/2" tall 

Location: Namibia

Petrified Wood Slab, Madagascar (with stand)
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A high quality and lightweight petrified wood slab with gorgeous copper-red tones that offset the neutral tans and browns. Sold with a stand for easy display. (Note- Because this is a very thin-cut slab, there is a stabalizing mesh coating attached to the backside) 

Location: Madagascar

Dimensions: ~12-1/2" long x 10" wide

Stunning Multi-colored Tourmaline necklace
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If it appears these stones are simply too clear to be real, you'd be mistaken! We were fortunate to come across a strand of these fabulous Tourmaline stones, each so vibrant in color and clarity, they almost look like candy. The necklace is strung on silk with a knot between each stone. The adjustable sterling silver chain and clasp allows one to wear the piece from 18" to 22".
Michigan Copper Nuggets
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This copper has been found in Michigan. The pieces are very flat. Each box of copper weighs approx. 40-45 grams and there is approximately 50 pieces to each box. Box dimension: 1-1/8" x 1-1/8" x 3/4" tall
Large Pyrite Sphere, Peru
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A large (15 pounds!!) cavernous Pyrite sphere with nice sized crystals. Sold with stand. 

Approximate size:  ~6" in diameter

Location: Peru

Ammonite Fossil Concretion
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A combination of pyritized and iridescent ammonites in a concretion/sculpture. The artist carefully and thoughtfully arranged the ammonites, overlapping one another and embedding one into another in parts. The sculpture has been created in a way that it can be easily displayed with or without a stand. We are not sure what the material is that was used to mend the fossils together, but it does have a natural pyritized druzy look to it. 

Measurements: ~10-1/4" long x 7" tall x 5" deep

Location: Volga River, Russia 

Time Period: Jurassic Period ~160 M.Y.O.

Albertosaurus Tooth
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Since Steve & Sharon Wolchina retired from gathering Canadian material, higher quality specimens from Canada's Alberta province has become difficult to obtain. So, we were lucky & excited to able to repurchase some very fine material included in a former client's collection from decades ago.

Here we offer another excellent specimen of the tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur, Albertosaurus.Its large size, excellent natural tip with a nice wear facet and beautiful dendritic-like coloration well override it's weak serrations. Even with the serrations not being what we'd like to see, the tooth is gorgeous.

Not unlike other countries, Canada has exceptionally strict laws governing fossils discovered in their provinces. Only a few individuals have been given permission to legally remove then sell this type of material, outside of their country. Sharon & Steve Wolchina of Mid-land scientific are two of those given this permission. The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada which is run by the Canadian government has verified the above information. As this fossil was indeed discovered by the Wolchina's, there is a disposition lot number included, making the specimen perfectly legal. 

Measurements: ~ 2" L x 11/16" W" x 1/2" D

Location: Judith River formation, Alberta, Canada

Time period: Cretaceous / ~ 65 - 135 myo

Ironwood Owl
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The owl has a high polish showing off the grain of the wood. Because each carving is handmade, the size, color, and wood grain pattern may slightly vary from the exact owl photographed. We hope you will trust us to choose your high quality carving!

Measurements: 5" tall x 2-3/4" wide x 2-1/4" deep Location: Mexico

Navajo Turquoise Pendant and Earring set
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This inlaid set consisting of a Turquoise Pendant on an 18" sterling silver chain with matching Earrings is made by a Navajo artist. The pendant is marked Vacit on the back, but the piece is a contemporary piece. The earrings are on top posts and will hang below the ear lobe. Artist: Vacit Nation: Navajo Size: Both pendant and earrings are the same size ~3/4" diameter each

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