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12mm round Facetted  Moldavite Pendant
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Deep green facetted Moldavide pendant with 18" sterling silver chain.

Location: Czech Republic

Measurement: Actual stone is 12mm in diameter

Celestite Geode
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This Celestite shows exceptional color and large "clean" crystals. There is a partial opening in the back of the geode which allows the light to shine in on these gorgeous celestite crystals. A favorite among many rock and mineral collectors! 

Measurements: ~8-1/2" Wide x 4-1/2" Deep x 6" Tall 

Location: Madagascar, Africa

Gibeon Meteorite Sphere (Best Available)
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Fun sphere-shaped meteorite resembling the planets and stars above. A new way to admire an out-of-this-world meteorite! Sold with an acrylic stand. At the time of purchase, we will choose the best sphere available. They may slightly vary in size. 

Location: Namibia

Measurements: ~10-11mm each

Bear Fetish Medicine Bundle
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Three bears carved out of Tugilite (from Indiana). The bears are tied together with a medicine bundle, which is seen as an offering to the animal spirit. 

 Measures: ~ 1-3/4" long x 1-1/8" wide x 1-1/4" tall

 Nation: Zuni


Deltadromeus agilis Claw
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We are proud to be able to offer this premium example of a claw from the Cretaceous time period dinosaur, Deltadromeus agilis.

The condition is superb, including its tip and well defined bloodlines. Our UV light test has revealed no repair or restoration.

The permineralization color is typical for material discovered in the area.

A Gem.

Measures: ~ 2-3/4" long x 3/4" wide

Location: Kem Kem Basin, Morocco, Africa

Time Period: Cretaceous / ~ 90 MYO

5-1/2" Dragonfly Cymatophlebia (with stand)
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A nice sized dragonfly fossil with fine detail centered within the limestone matrix. The fossil itself has been protected with a light protective coating, which one could remove if desired. A beautiful specimen for any collection. 

Measurements: Plate sizes: ~6" long x 5-3/4" tall x 1" deep 

Specimen wingspan: ~5-1/2" 

Specimen length:  ~4-1/2"

Location: Solnhofen Plattenkalk, Bavarian province, Germany 

Time Period: Jurassic ~ 150 myo

6" Dugway Geode Bookends
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These dugway geodes are unique in that they have a light pink hue on top of the typical light blue.

Measurements: 6" High x 11-1/2" Wide x 3" Deep

Location: Juab County, Utah

Rose Quartz Candleholders
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These candleholders are hand crafted from all natural Brazilian Rose Quartz. Due to its translucency, each rose quartz candleholder will emit a soft glow, adding a feeling of warmth and calm to your home.

1"-1.5" Proetus Triliobite
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These trilobite specimens each have a unique shape and position they are in on the matrix. We will make sure to pick the best specimen available for you.

Measures: 1"-2" Across, in matrix

Location: Morocco

Time Period: Devonian 450 Million Years Old

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