3-1/2" Leaf Fossil (Beringiaphyllum cupanoides)

3-1/2" Leaf Fossil (Beringiaphyllum cupanoides)

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Quick Overview

This fossil leaf has beautiful detail. The small veins are clearly visible through the center to the edges of the leaf. This is a wonderful display of nature and history.

Plate measures: ~ 3.5" x 3"across

Location: Ft. Union Formation, Glendive, Montana, USA 

Genus: Beringiaphyllum cupanoides

Time Period: Paleocene Epoch

More Information:

Leaves and other fossil plant specimens are unique in their simplicity and beauty. They give someone a feel of what the land and forests must have looked like during different time periods. For some reason, these type of fossils have a relaxing effect on many people, allowing us to envision a world of simplistic wonder.