3 to 4" Rose Quartz Stand-Up (Best Available)

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These small/medium sized Rose Quartz stand up pieces would make great gifts for yourself or anyone. The size makes them easy to display in any space. As these are all natural, there is variation of color, size, shape and inclusions- we have tried to capture some of this variety in the display photo. At the time of purchase, we will hand select the best option available. 

Measurements: ~3" to 4" tall. Please keep in mind sizes and shapes may vary slightly. 

Location: Madagascar

More Information

Rose Quartz is a translucent type of quartz that is named for its pink hue. It's considered to get its color from trace amounts of aluminum or phosphate. One type of Rose quartz is often used in sculptures and lapidary work. Another type can be found as well formed crystals. The color of Rose Quartz is light sensitive and can be subject to fading.