4.5" Canyon Diablo Meteorite

4.5" Canyon Diablo Meteorite

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This meteorite has a rough rounded surface, with parts of the surface showing some oxidation which is typical in a heavy iron meteorite.

~4-1/2" High x 3" Wide x 1-1/2" Deep
Barrington Crater, Canyon Diablo, Arizona
711 Grams

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The Canyon Diablo is one of the most famous and most studied meteorites in the world. It fell in Arizona about 50,000 years ago, leaving a crater 4,000 feet across and 600 feet deep that is still preserved today as the Barrington Crater. Upon impact, the meteorite is believed to have vaporized, losing more than half its mass and leaving very little in the crater itself, flinging fragments as far as 11 miles away. Although the composition is 92% iron, 7.1% nickel, and .5% cobalt, traces of platinum and black diamonds have been found in these specimens, among other things.