Apophyllite / Stilbite / Calcite (with stand)

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An artistic structural formation of apophyllite, stilbite, and a cubic calcite crystal as the central focal point. The white apophylite crystals sparkle in rectuangular "tabs", overlapping one another beautifully. Peach stilbite pops as an accent color along the top and through the middle. Right in the center is an off-white (beige) transluscent calcite crystal. The background matrix is a darker charcoal gray color that offsets the crystals nicely. Overall, a unique and eye-catching piece. Sold with metal stand.

Measurements: ~7-3/4" High x 6" Wide x 3-1/2" Deep

Location: Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India

More Information

Apophyllite frequently occurs in zeolite minerals in basalt, and is less commonly found in pockets of granite. Green Apophyllite occurs most frequently in India where it is found nestled in Stilbite crystals. Colorless and green material from India is sometimes faceted as a collector's gem.