Boulder Opal Gem Box

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This perfectly carved rectangular gem box has a boulder opal top layer and black stone (onyx) sides. The inside is lined with wood. There are pockets of translucent opal that show the depth and texture of the stone beneath. The patterning is exceptional! This would be a great gift, or a nice way to display small collectables. 

Every box in this category is unique and and handmade in St. Petersburg Russia by the most well known artist in his field.

Measurements: ~4-5/8" long x 3-3/8" wide x 1-1/2" tall 

Location: Australia

More Information

Opal is composed of hydrated silica. It is an amorphous silicate, meaning it does not form crystals. Opals are structurally composed of tiny spheres of silica, which when arranged in perfect geometry create the famous play of color associated with the stones. The arrangement of silica balls acts like a prism, which allows the rainbow spectrum of colors to be visible to the naked eye. Opal has been a stone of myth and mysticism for thousands of years. It was once worn for protection against sorcery and to enhance a person’s magical qualities. The idea that Opals are unlucky came about in 1829 after the publication of Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott’s book Anne of Geierstein. In the novel, an Opal amulet signifies the downfall of the heroine, and this act of literature negatively affected the entire Opal industry for generations.