Dinictis Saber Tooth Cat Skull

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This Dinictis skull still has its fangs in tact with some enamel chipping and clean teeth tips. There appears to be some restoration on the skull which of course is not uncommon. There are still remains of the matrix, particularly seen in the mouth/jaw. The color is a light beige, common for this location in South Dakota. While this may not be the highest grade museum quality specimen we have offered, this is still an awesome specimen and well-known predator skull to acquire. 

Measurements: ~7" long x 3-3/4" wide x 4" tall 

Canine Measurements: ~1-1/2" and 1-3/4"

Location: White River Badlands, South Dakota

Time Period: Miocene ~25 MYO

More Information

Dinictis,  stood around 2 feet in height and was around 3 feet in length. It had a long sleek body, short legs and had incompletely retractable claws. It had powerful jaws, and a long tail. It was very similar to its close relative, Hopophoneus.  Compared with those of the more recent machairodonts, its upper canines were relatively small but deadly nevertheless, as they distinctly protruded from its mouth. Dinictis walked flat-footed, unlike modern cats. It looked like and lived its life similarly to that of a leopard. In its environment Dinintis would have been a powerful predator.