Eudialyte Sphere

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A fascinating combination of granular gray and black (Black Tourmaline), and large patches of fuchsia pinks, purples, and reds. The bright pink really pops against the gray backdrop! A 3 prong acrylic stand is included. 

Approximate size:  4" in diameter

Location: Russia

More Information
Eudialyte is a silicate mineral, which forms in alkaline igneous rocks. It is rarely found in crystal form, and is typically a granular formation within host rocks. It contains Calcium, Cerium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Zirconium, and Yttrium. The stone usually ranges from pink, red, and violet, to darker blacks and browns (sometimes with inclusions of Black Tourmaline. Eudialyte is named from the Greek term for "readily decomposable", which refers to its solubility in acid.