Exceptional Fluorite Specimen

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Displaying excellent clean and clear cube formations this fluorite specimen is amazing Te photos truly do not give it justice. The undulating pale green cubes make one realize that Mother Nature is the true creator of art. We almost passed on this specimen, due o its price point. But we simply couldn't pass it up. For the discriminating collector. It sits nicely on its own. But we are including a simple display stand, in case one wishes to elevate it slightly.

Measurements: ~ 7-1/4" x 5" x 3-1/2"

Location: Huang Ha Ping, China

More Information

Fluorite forms in a variety of colors and is transparent to translucent in clarity. The chemical composition of Fluorite is CaF2, (calcium & fluorine.) The variation in colors are due to trace amounts of other elements replacing the calcium during the crystalline formation. 

Fluorite is used in a variety of industrial purposes and the overwhelming percentage of Fluorite in the United States was mined in Illinois and Kentucky. Illinois became the leading Fluorite producer in the early 1940's, but during the 1990's, 90% of the U.S. Fluorite was imported with Illinois remaining the last U.S. producer.