Float Copper Bookends

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Polished and lacquered solid copper bookends. This pair is more elongated than wide, with oxidization along the sides more so than the front or back. There is cork attached to the bottom to help prevent scratching surfaces.

Measurements: ~6-1/4" wide x 4-1/4" tall x 2" deep 

Location: Michigan State, USA

More Information

Butchite, usually known as Float Copper, is found in abundance in the state of Michigan. In geology, "float" is a term that refers to any material that has been carried away by erosion from where it was formed. This happened with Copper in Michigan during the glacial drifts of the Pleistocene period, thereby making it "Drift Copper" as well. Float Copper is usually found along river beds that were formed by melt water from the glaciers.