Fossil Clam Sphere (with stand)

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The photo is a good representation of the specimens we carry. Each one will be similar, however they will vary slightly in size, shape,etc. You can be certain that we will always choose a great specimen for you! Sold with acrylic stand.

Time period: Jurassic Period - 160 Million

Location: China

Measurment: ~ 2"

More Information

Clams are a very good example of what is referred to as a "living fossil", as they are one of the few species that have survived the tests of time. Clams have been an abundant food source for humans and many sea creatures for millions of years. They are a bi-hinged creature that burrows itself into the sediment of our water systems, feeding upon plankton by a simple yet efficient filtering system. In 2007 it was reported that a live clam was caught off the coast of Iceland and was determined by researchers at Bangor University to be at least 405 years old!