Fossil Fish / Double Specimen

Fossil Fish / Double Specimen

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These Knightia eocaena fossil fish plates are nice little specimens from the Green River Formation. The fish measure approximately 1-3/4" in length, and each plate has two fish. These specimens are all unique and of course no two will be identical. You can be assured that we will always select the very best specimens available for you.
Location: Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA
Time Period: Eocene

More Information:

The Green River formation in the USA covers an area over 25,000 square miles and is more than 2,000 feet in thickness. This formation, dating back more than 50 million years, is one of the largest documented accumulations of sedimentary rock in the world. At the time, the area was sub-tropical and many different species flourished. This species lived in schools and were an abundant food source for larger predatory fish. Knightia is in the same family as herring and sardines.