Fossil Oyster & Pearl

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A unique pearl that has been preserved along with a fossilized oyster that comes from the same, well-known, location in Kansas. It is rare to find fossilized pearls because they are composed of Aragonite, which typically is not as stable as the calcite of the oyster shell. 

Measurements: ~5-1/2" wide x 4" tall x 1" thick

Location: Smokey Hill Chalk, Kansas

Time Period: Cretaceous ~83 MYO

More Information

This is a fossil pearl from the Smoky Hill Chalk of Gove County, Kansas. It was mounted inside a fossil oyster collected from the same layer of the formation. The pearl is 0.30" wide and the oyster is 3.3" wide. Pearls do not often preserve as they are composted of Aragonite which is not as stable as the calcite of the oyster shell.


The Smoky Hill Chalk is a formation in Kansas that is known for well-preserved marine fossils (reptiles), such as: plesiosaur, mosasaur, pterosaur, turtles, and other birds or fish that lived in or around water.