Fossilised Dinosaur Dung  (Coprolite)

Fossilised Dinosaur Dung (Coprolite)

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Although slightly similar, as they were naturally formed, these unusual fossils will always be unique from each other in patterning, coloration, size & shape.
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Measurements: ~ 2-1/2" - 3" across in diameter
Location: Utah State, USA
Time Period: Jurassic ~ 140 MYO

More Information:

Coprolite is the petrified dung of prehistoric animals.Scientists study it to help them understand the diet of these animals. Coprolites can be recognized by their structural patterns, which often have spiralled or angular markings, as well as their proximity to other fossils. This coprolite is from dinosaurs that roamed the state of Utah, in the United States, during the Jurassic time period, around 140 million years ago.