Lapis Lazuli Hinged Box

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A stunning hexagon shaped box with a hinge along one side. The entire box is carved from lapis lazuli (inside and out), and there is a thin piece of felt attached to the bottom. The pyrite inclusions give it a beautiful shimmer. 

Measurements: ~2-3/4" diameter, 1" tall 

Location: Afghanistan

More Information

Lapis Lazuli is mainly formed of Lazurite but also contains pyrite, calcite and other minerals. Lazurite is a deep blue to greenish blue rock which forms in limestone and metamorphs by heat. It is the group of feldspathoids that can form rare cubic, octahedral or dodecahedral crystals. The deep blue variety of Lazurite is Lapis Lazuli, a gemstone used by jewelry makers world wide.   

Metaphysically, Lazurite is said to aid in astral projection and other spiritual traveling. Lazurite also is said to help achieve deep awareness, aid in communication and can help activate positive forces lying within oneself.