Large Himalayan Quartz Scepter

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Impressive 8" scepter quartz crystal with two intersecting 3+" crystals on either side and several well formed smaller crystals at the base. Scepter Quartz is a naturally occurring crystal formation where one crystal begins to grow around another central crystal "rod". Typically, the top crystal is larger/wider than the more narrow base crystal. The backside of the formation is covered in white crystallized chlorite, giving the entire specimen an off-white hue. 

Location: Mount Meru, Kullu Valley, Manikaram Mines

Measurement:  ~8" long x 3" wide x 3" deep 

More Information

Himalayan quartz is mined by hand in the Himalayan mountain region in the sacred Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, an area referred to as the Valley of the Gods. Pink Himalayan quartz emits a soft pinkish glow, derived from trace amounts of Iron. Green Himalayan Quartz contains Chlorite, which gives it the green hue. These crystals are among some of the rarest and most difficult to obtain, due to their location and the fact that it is carried off the mountain in backpacks, before being cleaned by hand.