Navajo Cuff Bracelet (Spiny Oyster & Turquoise)

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Spiney oyster, turquoise, and onyx inlay pattern in a sterling silver cuff. The inside is the cuff is stamped with initials C.W.

Nation: Navajo


Cuff ~2-1/2" wide
Wrist opening ~1-1/8" wide

More Information

Lapidary and silversmithing is an important way of life for the Navajo people. Starting in the 19th century, a man named Atsidi Sani (1830 –1918) is credited with being the first among his people to learn the fine artistry of jewelry making. Atsidi was taught by a Mexican man named Nakai Tsosi, who also taught the craft to other Navajo members. Unlike Zuni jewelry makers, Navajo artists are a bit more traditional in their style, concentrating on using high quality stones, minimally sculpted and then set into intricate high quality fine sterling silver, as opposed to the inlay work, normally associated with Zuni artists.