Noreena Jasper Gemstone Box

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Every box in this category is unique and and handmade in St. Petersburg Russia by the most well known artist in his field. The top of this hinged box is covered with a thin slice of Noreena Jasper with striking red and yellow tones in an "X" on a grayish backgroun. The sides and inside of the box are made of black serpentine. 

Measurements: ~2-3/4" long x 2" wide x 1-1/4" tall 

Location: Australia

More Information

Jasper is an opaque stone originating from silica rich sediment or volcanic ash. It can occur in any color depending on the mineral content of the original sediment. Beautiful patterns can also occur in jasper. This happens when the original rock- forming materials are fractured or distorted in the ground, and then are later filled in with other minerals. A specific jasper may be named for its location, or may be named imaginatively by describing its unique appearance.