Rare! Deltadromeus agilis Tooth

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A superb AAA quality, rare tooth of a Deltadromeus agilis dinosaur. The enamel has fantastic luster and coloration. It has the deep red tones that are typically found in fossils from the Kem Kem Basin. The serrations are in fair condition. The tip is in pristine condition. There is minor enamel chipping toward the top of the tooth. It is an aesthetically pleasing piece that would be a spectacular and rare addition to any collection! 

Measures: ~ 2" long x 7/8" wide x 1/2" deep 

Location: Kem Kem Basin, Morocco, Africa

Time Period: Cretaceous / ~ 90 MYO

More Information

Discovered in 1996, Deltadromeus or 'delta runner' was an unusually large theropod 'raptor' which lived during the Cretaceous time period, in the African continent, and is determined to be among the swiftest dinosaurs ever discovered based on its delicate, narrow frame.

That made Deltadromeus a formidable hunter and could outrun larger dinosaurs that might consider it prey.

It is theorized that Deltadromeus agilis was more related to a dinosaur species Ceratosaurus, than with birds, which most raptors are related to. Some are estimating that Deltadromeus agilis although slender and light, may have grown to about the same size as the Jurassic dinosaur, Allosaurus.

Deltadromeus agilis skeletons are normally found in the same areas as the giant Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus dinosaurs, that lived during the same time period.