Rare Keichosaurus Hui Specimen

Rare Keichosaurus Hui Specimen

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Long ago, we we lucky enough to come across a private collection containing a few of these now very difficult to legally obtain specimens. This particular Keichosaurus Hui displays nicely splayed out limbs and digits as well. The skull is in the correct position and the overall preservation is exceptional, showing extremely nice detail throughout. There are two natural, quartz filled hydration lines. However, they are in spots that only barely interfere with the excellent skeletal preservation of the piece and are nominal, considering the specimen as a whole.

Plate measurement: ~ 7.25" x 11"
Specimen measures: ~ 8" Long
Location: China
Time period: Triassic / Jurassic

More Information:

Keichosaurus Hui was a small aquatic reptile that lived in the swamps, marshes and other waterways of Guizhou, China. It became extinct during the Triassic - Jurassic period. They had sharp teeth and their main diet consisted of small fish. These small creatures were not only swift swimmers, they could also crawl out of the water. There is also evidence to suggest Keichosaurus gave birth to live young, as opposed to laying eggs. Many times, a skeletal plate will be discovered almost entirely intact. This is one of the reasons Keichosaurus Hui specimens are so highly collectable.

***With the Chinese government's 2011 ban of newly discovered artifacts being sold outside their country, one should be more careful of authenticity and other factors when purchasing artifacts and other material. It would be wise, whether you choose us or another shop, to only deal with a reputable source you know and trust. This Keichosaurus Hui was obtained from a private collection that was in the United States many years, and is totally legal to purchase.***