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Rare Mesosaurus brazilianiensis

Rare Mesosaurus brazilianiensis

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Quick Overview

This is a rare and exceptionally well preserved mesosaurus mortality plate. The detail is superb throughout its entire skeletal system and its skull is equally impressive.
Plate measurement: 7" x 8-1/2"
Specimen's dimensions: ~ 2-1/2" snout tip to neck bend, ~ 5" neck bend to tail bend, ~ 3" tail bend to tail tip
Location: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Time period: Early Permian / 275 mya

More Information:

Mesosaurus, meaning "middle lizard" in Greek, was one of the first aquatic lizards and was the first to return to a water habitat after early tetrapods came to land. Measuring up to 3 feet (~1 meter) long and between 10-20 pounds, Mesosaurus had the body and skull structure similar to today's crocodile which it propelled through the water by means of the creatures long tail and its webbed feet.

Although Mesosaurus lived a majority of its time in the water, it may have returned to land on occasion. However, as its front limbs were not designed for walking, it needed to push itself along by its hind legs, similarly to a turtle. Fossilized embryos of Mesosaurus have been found without any sign of eggshell, therefore it is theorized they gave birth to live young.

As Mesosaurus lived in fresh water lakes and ponds in both South America and Africa, it is theorized it would not have been possible for them to have migrated across the Atlantic ocean in order to migrate. Therefore, they are an important species to help support the theory that those two continents were once joined before the continental drift.