Ruby / Zoisite Egg (with stand)

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Green and black speckled egg with pockets of bright pink ruby throughout. 

Measurements: ~1-3/4" tall x 1-1/4" wide 

Location: India

More Information

Ruby is a rare gemstone variety of Corundum, the other famous variety being Sapphire. Corundum by itself is colorless, being made of only aluminum and oxygen, but Ruby is distinguished by its rich red color. This comes from small amounts of chromium replacing some of the aluminum.

Zoisite is a mineral that is found in metamorphic and pegmatitic type rock. Although the largest Zoisite deposits have been found in Tanzania, other finds have been discovered in Pakistan and a few other locations. Zoisite was first discovered in Austria by Sigmund Zois , a mineralogist who recognized Zoisite as a new mineral in the year 1805. The green / black variety of Zoisite is actually anyolite, however this term is not common when describing Ruby in "Zoisite" / Anyolite.

Ruby in Zoisite is exactly what it sounds like, Ruby crystals that have formed within green Zoisite. Although neither of the minerals are gem quality, the green and red colors contrast, yet compliment each other beautifully.