Sonoran Gold Cuff Bracelet, Artie Yellowhorse

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This Sonoran Gold Turquoise (Mexico) has beautiful bright blue coloration with complimentary colored inclusions. The stone is surrounded in sterling silver beads and along the cuff is alternating rope style (twisted) and plain high-polished wire. 

Nation: Navajo

Cuff ~2-1/2" wide
Wrist opening ~1-1/8" wide
Centerpiece (Turquoise and Silver Beads) ~1-1/2" long x 1-3/8" wide

Artist: Artie Yellowhorse


More Information

Turquoise is a hydrous phosphate of aluminum and copper, found mainly in massive form and in colors ranging from blue to green, depending upon the content of copper it is associated with. Turquoise was originally imported from Turkey, where it derives its name. Turquoise, the "fallen sky stone", has for over 7000 years been valued by cultures for its beauty. It is reputed to have spiritual and life-giving qualities, and it is highly prized by Native Americans. As legend goes, a long time ago someone noticed a clear blue line running through gray rock, and saw the imagery of sky and water in the stone. From that time on, turquoise has been cherished. Turquoise..... "stone of sky, stone of water, stone of blessings, good fortune, protection, good health and long life".

Artie Yellowhorse is a third generation Navajo artist who comes from a family of silversmiths and weavers. She is known for contemporary designs, high-quality stones, and fine metalwork.