Stunning Multi-colored Tourmaline necklace

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If it appears these stones are simply too clear to be real, you'd be mistaken! We were fortunate to come across a strand of these fabulous Tourmaline stones, each so vibrant in color and clarity, they almost look like candy. The necklace is strung on silk with a knot between each stone. The adjustable sterling silver chain and clasp allows one to wear the piece from 18" to 22".
More Information
Albite / Elbaite, also known as Tourmaline is a group of mixed crystals with the following major members, Elbaite, Dravite, Schorl, Buergerite, Tsilaisite, and Uvite. Elbaite forms in igneous and metamorphic rocks and veins and have crystal that can be tinted by other minerals, thus allowing for a rainbow of colors to be formed. This sometimes allows for multi-colored specimens (watermelon tourmaline) to sometimes form. What distinguishes tourmalines are the three-sided cross sections that are different than any other mineral. The crystals are Pleochroism, meaning they will display different coloration when viewed at different angles, due to light being bent and refracted at a slower rate through one crystal as opposed to another. If the specimen is then viewed at a different angle, the light entering will be observed differently.