Stunning Rainbow Sapphire Pendant, 14k White Gold

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14k white gold circle with 13 ~2mm multi-colored Sapphires channel set within. The gems have been carefully selected and arranged to create a beautiful and seamless transition between colors. It is common in the gem trade to heat Sapphires to enhance their various colors.

Size: Pendant incl. bail 21mm long 

Location: East Africa

More Information

The word sapphire comes from the Greek translation for blue and was used in ancient times to describe any blue stone, often lapis lazuli. Around 1800 it was discovered that sapphires are a gem variety of corundum, the other being ruby. Corundum is a hard stone, rating a 9 on the Moh’s scale, making it the second hardest natural mineral. Its chemical composition is aluminum oxide. The many colors in which corundum occurs are due to the presence of other trace minerals. Blue coloration is caused by the presence of titanium and iron, a violet stone is colored by vanadium, and slight iron content produces a yellow stone. Pink is caused by chromium, and iron plus vanadium results in orange stones. Colored sapphires are referred to as Fancy Sapphires in the gem trade.