Tiger Eye Tiger Carving

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Carved from a single piece of high-quality Tiger Eye stands this regal prowling Tiger on a flat cut base. The stone has exceptional chatoyancy and catches the light differently from different angles. There is even a streak of blue tiger eye throughout the stone! You can tell that the artist took the time to focus closely on the details of the fur, face, and teeth. It is a beautiful piece of artwork! 

Measurements: ~7" long x 1-3/4" wide x 3-3/4" tall 

Location: Africa

More Information

Tiger Eye is a finely fibrous, opaque variety of quartz chalcedony. Technically it is a pseudomorph of quartz, and the surface iridescence and golden color results from inclusions of limonite and amphibole. It is a common metamorphic rock that can come in blue, red, and brown and often has iron streaks throughout.